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Vampyr: Is it Open World?


Vampyr: Is it Open World?

Is Vampyr Open World?

Vampyr is the latest title from Dontnod Entertainment, and it takes place in a grim and bleak 1918 London that’s recently been ravished by the Spanish Flu epidemic. It’s also full of thugs, vampires, and all manner of other nasties. The map itself is deceptively large. Divided into four separate boroughs, each has its own myriad of backstreets, roads, and points of interest. But is it a proper open world sandbox?

If we had to describe the design of Vampyr, it would be a semi-open world. If you’ve ever played a modern Deus Ex game (Human Revolution, Mankind Divided), it’s rather like that. That being said, there’s actually very little that is blocked off to you at the start of the game. You can roam quite freely even from the start. Yet there are sections like the West End that are gated until the later portion of the game.

The map of Vampyr is a really intimate and detailed realization of Victorian London, and there’s plenty to explore.

That’s all you need to know about whether the game is open world or not. For more useful guides and information about Vampyr, check out our wiki page.

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