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The Internet’s Outraged That Snake’s Butt Was Downgraded in Smash Ultimate

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The Internet’s Outraged That Snake’s Butt Was Downgraded in Smash Ultimate

Nintendo has just unveiled and dived deep into the next entry in the Smash Bros. franchise, titled Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game looks glorious on the Nintendo Switch and it’s coming out this December, just in time to have some good ol’ fashioned fights with your friends and family over holiday break. One big aspect of the title that Nintendo pushed is the fact that Smash Ultimate is bringing back every single character that has ever been in a Smash Bros. game – yup, you guessed it. This means that those guys like Pichu, Young Link, Ice Climbers, and Solid Snake himself will be back in the fight club that is Smash Bros. Ultimate. These characters all look fantastic on the Switch, thanks to the graphical fidelity that the console has over the Wii U, but there’s just one small issue with one of the returning characters – Solid Snake.

You see, with Snake’s first appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he had a slightly larger… ummm… “derrière” than other fighters, which we all seemed to appreciate and sort of forget about, until now. With his return in Ultimate, it seems that Snake’s butt has gotten a severe downgrade and the old Snake butt fans on Twitter are going crazy about it. Here’s a few tweets from the outrage that has sparked thanks to Nintendo’s nerfing of our favorite booty:

Shame on you, Nintendo.

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