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The Crew 2: How to Turn Off Notifications (Highlights, Event, Photo Op)


The Crew 2: How to Turn Off Notifications (Highlights, Event, Photo Op)

How to Turn Off Notifications in The Crew 2

Notifications can be a neat, informative tool that can let you know when there’s something cool you should know about, and more often than not, that is a welcome feature. Other times, however, you just want to drive, and notifications end up resembling a whining toddler in the backseat during a six-hour road trip.

No, you do not want a photo op.

No, you do not want to learn about an event.

No, you cannot stop for ice cream.

Fortunately, notifications can be muted (much easier than your child can) with a quick navigation through the menu. Simply select options, and then scroll over to the options tab. Select notifications from here, and you will be given the option to individually turn off each specific type of notification – handy if you still want to be told about some things, but not about others.

And just like that, the chatter has been silenced. Now it’s just you and the road. Oh, and The Crew 2 wiki by your side too, of course! From basic knowledge to the more technical nuances you’ve been dying to learn, it’s your one-stop shop for all things Crewy.

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