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The Crew 2: Does Rising Star Make a Difference?


The Crew 2: Does Rising Star Make a Difference?

Does Rising Star Make a Difference in The Crew 2?

When you start a new game in The Crew 2, you’ll be treated to a quick cutscene before the game prompts you to choose a Rising Star before you can start racing proper. If you’re wondering if this has any effect on your gameplay at all, we’re pleased to report that it does not.

The Rising Star selection simply allows you to choose what your player character looks like in the game. There’s no character creation either in The Crew 2, so you’ll just have to choose from the small selection of character models available on the screen. Once you’ve picked your character, you’ll be able to start getting into races and other activities in the game. Whichever model you choose will also appear in the in-game cutscenes. The different Rising Star models don’t have any gameplay differences in The Crew 2, so you don’t have to worry about driver stats or other players having an advantage over you because they chose a different character. Just pick whichever one looks best to you, and you’re pretty much good to go.

That’s all you need to know about choosing your Rising Star character in the game. Be sure to check our wiki for more information on The Crew 2.

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