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PS5: What Launch Games We Could Get


PS5: What Launch Games We Could Get

What Launch Games We Could Get for PS5

We’re getting to that time of the console generation at which people start to speculate when the next round of systems is going to release. While some hope it’ll be soon, others think that there’s plenty of life left in the PS5. We’re certainly closer to the end of the generation than the start, but it’s impossible to say how close we are to the reveal of a new console. Alongside speculation about a release window for the PS5, there’s been some chatter about what games could launch alongside it. Well, here are some of the games we could see as part of the lineup.

The first two games that are possible launch games for PS5 are The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding. Yes, they’re currently in development for the PS4, but they could be titles that span both generations, since they’re likely to release quite close to the end of this one. The first The Last of Us game launched just a few months before the PS4’s launch, and a remastered version came out not long after, so the same could happen with Part II. Death Stranding’s plans are more difficult to predict. We don’t really know a lot about the game. Plans could already be in place for a PlayStation 5 launch, or it could be not far from release, we have no idea. Hideo Kojima has a history of protracted development cycles, so we could be waiting for Death Stranding for longer than we anticipate, leading to a PS5 launch.

As long as Sony’s next console launches in the Fall, there’re some games we’re almost certain to see at launch. EA Sports’ annual releases (FIFA, Madden, NHL), NBA 2K??, that year’s Call of Duty game, the annual Assassin’s Creed release, and maybe a new Battlefield or Battlefront game are likely to launch around that time. It’ll be interesting to see whether Ubisoft and Activision are still continuing with annual releases when the PS5 rolls around.

Were the console to release in 2020, it would also be about time for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 from Guerilla. The first game was so well received, both critically and commercially, that a sequel is almost certainly being worked on already. Since the world has already been created, it shouldn’t take as long for the sequel to be developed as the first one did, even for a new console. The only question we should be asking is, how soon is it going to release?

Other possibilities include Final Fantasy VII Remake, which we aren’t going to see any time soon, or maybe a new Gran Turismo game from Polyphony, since it will have been three years since Sport’s release if the PS5 launches in 2020.

Which games we see make up the PS5’s launch lineup depends on when the console launches. The titles we see every year on PS4 will probably make the move over when the time comes, but everything else depends on where the studios are in their respective development cycles. For more on the future of PS5 and any potential game releases, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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