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PS5 Release Date: Is it Coming in 2018?


PS5 Release Date: Is it Coming in 2018?

PS5 Release Date Speculation and Is it Coming in 2018?

While the PS4 is still chugging along with its supercharged sibling, the PS4 Pro, many players are already eagerly looking forward to the next iteration of Sony’s hardware. The PS5 is largely just a name at the moment, with no specifications, price, or features officially announced. There has, however, been a fair amount of speculation regarding the PS5 release date, and whether or not we could see it revealed or even released in 2018.

First, it’s highly unlikely we’re going to see the PS5 show up at any point in 2018, even as a teaser reveal like Microsoft did for the Xbox One X with its Project Scorpio trailer back in 2016. The PS4 still has a whole host of hotly anticipated exclusives still to release over the next 18 months, and so Sony won’t want to hinder its possible hardware sales by teasing its next hardware too soon.

Instead, it’s likely we’re going to see the PS5 possibly teased sometime in 2019, with a holiday 2020 release looking like the most obvious window for the system to drop. This would see it releasing seven years after the PS4’s initial release, which puts it about in-line with the PS3’s life-cycle. It’s worth noting, though, that the seven-year life cycle is often considered a result of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, as the PS2 reigned for six years before being succeeded. With the release of the PS4 Pro providing 4K gaming right now for those who want it, and a bunch of software sure to make good use of the hardware, though, it’s possible that there’s no real rush for the PS5 release date. After all, the system is still selling past 70 million worldwide. Why stop the party now?

Of course, this is our speculation on a PS5 release date, so do take it with a grain of salt. However, Michael Pachter believes the system is also most likely to release in 2020, after backtracking on his previous 2019 prediction.

We’ll be following all of the rumors, news, and speculation on the PS5 release date and will be updating this post as and when there’s anything notable to share with you. Be sure to check back soon for the latest developments on the PS5 release date.

For more on Sony’s current PS4, as well as developments regarding the PS5, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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