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Overwatch: Endorsements Explained


Overwatch: Endorsements Explained

Endorsements Explained in Overwatch

The latest Overwatch patch has just brought in an interesting new social feature called Endorsements. In an effort to reduce toxicity in the game, Blizzard has added a reward system that lets players praise others for doing a great job. If you’re new to the game or haven’t been keeping up with all of the updated, here’s a simple rundown of Endorsements in Overwatch.

This is basically a commendation system in Overwatch that lets you reward players for doing a great job during the match. At the end of each fight, you can pull up the Endorsement menu (the N key if you’re playing on PC) to bring up a list of your comrades, along with a small arrow on the left side that brings up your opponent’s team list. From there, you can click a player and pick one of three options to endorse them:

  • Sportsmanship Endorsements– Awarded to those who have good manners and are a positive influence during matches.
  • Good Teammate – Awarded to players who are highly-effective, skilled teammates.
  • Shot Caller – Awarded to those who draft and lead strategies in the battlefield.

You can pick from all the options when promoting a teammate, but you can only pick Sportsmanship when commending a player from the enemy team. Each player can give out a total of three Endorsements at the end of each match, for both allies and enemies. Moreover, you can only endorse a player one time per match and endorse the same player after every 12 hours in Overwatch.

You can check your Overwatch Endorsements rank in the scoreboard, beside your battle tag, and even in the voice chat. Another thing to note is that you can raise your level by receiving more commendations, and the best part about this is that Blizzard will periodically give rewards to players with high levels.

However, it’s important to note that your Overwatch Endorsements level will decrease if you continue to leave unfinished matches or do not receive Endorsements from other players. If an Overwatch player is also punished through the reporting system, they may be stripped of their Endorsements and get placed at level 0.

For more details on the Overwatch Endorsements system, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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