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Jurassic World Evolution: Does it Have Mods? What You Need to Know


Jurassic World Evolution: Does it Have Mods? What You Need to Know

Does Jurassic World Evolution Have Mods? What You Need to Know

Jurassic World Evolution is the kind of game you need to play if you ever laughed at the chaos unfolding in the movies and thought, “I could do better.” Well, time to put your dino park-management skills to the test, as the game lets you do exactly that. From choosing the dinosaurs you have at your very own Jurassic World, to what you’ll use them for and how you handle emergencies, it’s all down to you. With a PC release out now, some players may be wondering if there’s the potential to get mods in Jurassic World Evolution so that, say, they could add in new dinos, or just mess with the UI a little.

Unfortunately, Jurassic World Evolution does not currently have mod support, and this isn’t going to change, either. According to Gamestar, via DSOG, when asked about mods and mod support in the game, developer Frontier commented saying that Universal Studios didn’t want mod support for “licensing and quality reasons.”

As such, if you were hoping of creating your own custom dino mods, think again.

That’s all you need to know regarding the possibility of mods in Jurassic World Evolution. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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