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Dead by Daylight: How to Get Legacy


Dead by Daylight: How to Get Legacy

How to Get Legacy in Dead by Daylight

Back in the early days, Dead by Daylight used to be harder – and we mean a lot harder. The developers recognized this, and took great lengths to rectify it. With each patch that came out, levelling had become more and more accessible, to the point where it barely resembled the pain and suffering veterans had undergone. However, that didn’t mean that those who had persevered through the grind would go unloved. In fact, the Legacy system saw to it that dedicated Dead by Daylight players were rewarded for the grueling experience they went through when the game first released.

Patch 1.3.0 dropped for Dead by Daylight in December 2016, and among its myriad of features, it added legacy customization items for Dwight, Jake, Meg, Claudette, Nea, Trapper, Wraith, Hillbilly & Nurse. These exclusive legacy items were awarded one apiece for every level of prestige that had been attained before November 24 2016, as a way of compensating for the subsequent decrease in challenge.

None of these items were ever made available again in Dead by Daylight – so if you are still hunting for a workaround to build your legacy prestige, the answer is that this is simply not possible. Being able to achieve it after the fact would defeat the purpose of this reward, as it was meant as a gift to those who were loyal to the game from the start.

As such, if you were hoping on getting your hands on a Legacy item if you’re just jumping into the asymmetrical killer, unfortunately, you’ll never get the opportunity. If anything does happen to change regarding Legacy items in the game, though, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

And that’s everything you need to know to get Legacy items in Dead by Daylight. Make sure to stick with Twinfinite for all of your Dead by Daylight tips and guides!

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