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Captain Spirit: How to Decipher the Map


Captain Spirit: How to Decipher the Map

Decipher the Map in Captain Spirit

One of the optional superhero tasks in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit involves you deciphering a treasure map on the wall in Chris’ bedroom. However, the map itself isn’t enough. You need to find a decoder to make sense of it all.

To get the decoder, you’ll want to head outside the house and go up to the treehouse in the corner. Climb up the ladder, and Chris will sit in front of a number of his belongings. On his left, you should see his secret stash, so just open it and you’ll find a couple of things hidden in there. Inside the box is the decoder itself. Bring it back to the map in Chris’ room, and you’ll be able to start figuring out the puzzle.

What you need to do is simply rotate the decoder until the shapes and numbers line up with what’s been written on the map. To help you out a little, the numbers should be aligned as follows (in a clockwise direction): 1, 4, 2, 3. After that, just head out to the little junk pile directly outside the house to find the maze that leads you to Chris’ treasure, and that’s about it.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Captain Spirit.

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