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Battlefield V: How to Reload


Battlefield V: How to Reload

How to Reload in Battlefield V

Battlefield V is the first trip back to the second World War for the series in quite a few years and adds a number of new features, in addition to some returning ones as well. You’ll be able to jump into a game of conquest, obviously. But there’s also new “grand operations” which are a souped up, grander version of the ones seen in Battlefield 1. The battles are spaced out between in-game days, and your performance will affect what happens in the next stage of the operation. Speaking of which, the fragmented campaign style, War Stories, is back too. There’s going to be an element of story in these grand operations as well. Tides of War, which is the replacement for premium pass content, will slowly increase the number of factions and grand operations in the game to match the way World War II evolved over time. At launch, you can expect to see the fall of Europe, and we’d assume later on, we’ll see the fall of Nazi Germany and the end of the war. The most dramatic new feature, though, has got to be the new battle royale-inspired game mode.

Let’s start with square one. If you’re here, you’re looking for how to reload. You’ll automatically reload any weapons once you’re out of ammo, provided you have additional ammo to load in. However, if you want to manually reload, you’ll need to press (R, Square, X) on your platform/control of choice. This is especially crucial with bolt action rifles. You’ll need to unscope and reload after each shot. Otherwise, you’ll be lining up a shot, pull the trigger, just to have it ruined because there’s no bullet in the chamber.

That’s all there is to it for how to reload in Battlefield V on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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