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State of Decay 2: How to Rest


State of Decay 2: How to Rest

How to Rest in State of Decay 2

Scavenging for resources and killing countless undead can really take it out of a survivor in State of Decay 2, and managing your stamina is crucial if you want to keep them alive. Resting characters can help them recover their stamina bar entirely, and it’s actually pretty easy to rest a character once you know how.

There are a couple of ways to rest in State of Decay 2. First off, you’ll need to return to your base to do either. You can then open up your menu by pressing the View button on your Xbox One controller and using RB to select the Community option. From here, select another one of your survivors, press A, and then press X to take control of them. This will then result in your other survivor resting up at your home base.

You can also rest characters in State of Decay 2 by heading to the beds in your base. You’ll have these as a default in the first base you move into, but after that you may need to build them from your base’s Command Center. Then, it’s simply a case of pressing Y to interact with these and selecting the option to have a character rest and another take over. At that point, you’ll be brought back to the same screen you can access from the menu to select which character you’d like to take over the zombie-killing fun.

You’ll then need to leave that character chilling around your base until you receive a little notification in-game that your character has recovered (this often appears if your character was suffering from Fatigue).

That’s all you need to know to rest characters in State of Decay 2. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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