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State of Decay 2: Are There Cheats?


State of Decay 2: Are There Cheats?

Are There Cheats in State of Decay 2?

State of Decay 2 is the follow up to Undead Labs’ cult zombie survival RPG. The game offers up a harsh and unforgiving zombie-infested world for players to try to stay alive in. It continues the first game’s emphasis on survival mechanics, with players having to focus on gathering resources, managing a central base of operations and trying to keep as many survivors alive as possible. Death is permanent in State of Decay 2. It’s also surprisingly frequent, with zombies being truly formidable enemies. Players will have to carefully manage State of Decay 2’s scarce resources to survive, slowly building a community of survivors in the hopes of fighting back against the undead hordes which walk the streets. Given how intimidating the world of State of Decay 2 can be at times, you might be wondering if you can even the playing field somewhat by using cheats.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing there are no cheats available, though that’s not to say that they will be added in the future. The first game had a fairly healthy modding community around it shortly after launch, so it is likely that any cheats added to the game will be via the same method. For the first game, the modding community added everything from slower-moving zombies, more-robust vehicles and weapons, to graphics shaders and bug fixes. Though, it’s worth keeping in mind we’ll likely only see these for the PC version. Stay tuned for future updates on State of Decay 2 cheats.

Despite its harsh difficulty, it is possible to thrive in State of Decay 2. By being careful and planning out every supply run and mission you set off on, you can build up a formidable base of well-equipped survivors in no time. For more on how to do so, including tips, tricks and walkthroughs, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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