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Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Switch: How to Play as Funky Kong & What Abilities He Has


Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Switch: How to Play as Funky Kong & What Abilities He Has

How to Play as Funky Kong in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Switch

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze makes its triumphant return on Nintendo Switch, but there are a few new features to dig into this time. Tropical Freeze was widely known for its brutal difficulty, and one new feature, in particular, has been added in to help with that. That’s right the coolest Kong of all, Funky Kong, is now playable, and he comes with his own set of unique abilities.

When you start up the game it’ll ask you if you want to play in either Classic Mode or Funky Mode. As you’d expect, Funky Mode lets you play as Funky Kong, but unfortunately that’s how it is permanently on that save file. This means you’ll probably want to create two save files, one for Funky Mode and one for Classic Mode.

Funky Kong’s abilities make Tropical Freeze’s challenges a bit easier. His surfboard allows him to harmlessly land on spike traps and other ground obstacles, while his double jump allows him to reach platforms and get over obstacles more easily. Additionally, his surfboard allows him to hover over large gaps, and he has unlimited breath underwater. The final extra that Funky has is five hearts instead of two like the others, making him much hardier. Funky Kong is a good option if you find yourself just having too much trouble with Tropical Freeze’s difficulty.

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