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Detroit Become Human: Is Zlatko Good? Here’s the Answer (Spoilers)


Detroit Become Human: Is Zlatko Good? Here’s the Answer (Spoilers)

Is Zlatko Good in Detroit Become Human?

Detroit Become Human will have you meeting a lot of different characters. No storyline in Detroit has you questioning people’s motives more than Kara’s, though. They have it quite rough. If you’ve made it over to Zlatko’s house and wonder whether or not you should trust him, here’s the guide for you.

Obviously, there are Detroit Become Human spoilers down below.

Zlatko opens the door and is at first reluctant to help Kara and Alice. Eventually, though, he agrees and asks you to follow him to the basement while his hulking android Luther walks behind you. First off, this is a massive red flag already, but okay.

Once you do, you’ll inevitably figure out that Zlatko is a lot like Andy’s neighbor from Toy Story. He loves to make insane monstrosities using Android parts. So, yeah, he’s not good. He’s very, very bad. He’ll tie up Kara and begin to wipe her memory. You can escape, but it will be a hell of a time for you and Alice.

If you make it out all well and good, though, you’ll have gained Luther as an ally and if you saved the monstrosities in the basement, they’ll be back to help you later on, too.

The choice is yours in Detroit Become Human! If you need more help with the game, let us know in the comments down below. You can also check out our comprehensive wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.

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