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Detroit Become Human: Who Amanda Is (Spoilers)


Detroit Become Human: Who Amanda Is (Spoilers)

Who Amanda Is in Detroit Become Human (Spoilers Below)

Detroit Become Human features a ton of different characters that you’ll meet through the three separate adventures you’ll embark upon. In Connor’s story, he’ll meet an Amanda in a zen garden. Her scenes are definitely weird, so it’s natural to be confused as to who she is. Strap in and let’s explain what her deal is.

Simply put, Amanda is like CyberLife’s User Interface within Connor. It’s how CyberLife keeps an eye on him, basically. She’s not like some weird ghost. Well, sort of.

She looks the way she does because the founder of CyberLife made her look like an old teacher of his who had since passed away. He wanted her image to be familiar to him and that’s how he programmed her, chilling in a zen garden. Like a sort of tribute to her.

But there you go, that’s why she’s never really happy when Connor exhibits signs of deviancy or fails cases. She’s the big bosses, disappointed in their employee.

That’s all there is to Amanda! If you need any more help with Detroit Become Human, let us know in the comments down below. You can also check out our comprehensive wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on Detroit Become Human.

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