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Detroit Become Human: How to Redeem Preorder DLC


Detroit Become Human: How to Redeem Preorder DLC

How to Redeem Preorder DLC in Detroit Become Human

Like most mainstream games these days, if you choose to preorder Detroit Become Human, you’ll receive a few cool bonuses that could potentially enhance your experience. However, Quantic Dream’s latest offering doesn’t really offer anything in the way of in-game items or cosmetics. Instead, if you chose to preorder Detroit Become Human, you’ll get access to the game’s digital soundtrack, as well as a free dynamic theme for your PS4 dashboard.

If you preordered Detroit Become Human from a retail store, you should receive a redeemable code in your game box. Simply enter the code in the Redeem Code section of the PlayStation Store, and you should be able to download your freebies. On the other hand, if you preordered the game digitally, you should be able to select them from your download list or games library, and then download them to your system. Do note that your preorder bonuses won’t be unlocked until  itself has launched in your territory.

Once you have all your stuff downloaded, you can check out the dynamic theme from your system settings, and also listen to the soundtrack from your PS4 dashboard.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Detroit Become Human. Alternatively, check out our comprehensive wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.


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