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Detroit Become Human: What RA9 Is (Spoilers)

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Detroit Become Human: What RA9 Is (Spoilers)

What RA9 Is in Detroit Become Human (Spoilers Below)

Detroit Become Human deals with some pretty heavy themes at times. When you’re out exploring crime scenes of deviancy as Connor, you’ll often come across etches on walls that say RA9. This motif repeats throughout the entire game. What is RA9? Sit tight and we’ll tell you!

Obviously, spoilers are below.

It is something that deviants all scribble and there’s not really a definitive answer given by Detroit Become Human. It can be seen as a sort of prophecy. (This is only further supported by Ralph, whom Kara can meet, not knowing why he repeatedly scribbles it on walls and Kamski, whom Connor can question, stating that it seemed like a religion.) RA9 is what the deviant androids believe will set them free.

Depending on your choices and how you play Detroit Become Human, this can be either Connor or Markus or both, really. But basically, it’s the revolution of those robotic beings and a sign that they are alive and wish to be free.

Judging by one of the statues found within a shower of a crime scene, it can sort of be assumed it’s Markus. Which makes a lot of sense given that he’s like the leader of the androids and Jericho as a whole. But Connor also can play a massive role in the good (for androids) endings, so it’s fair to say they’re RA9.

Or, of course, RA9 is all the androids that fought for civil rights.

That’s all there is to RA9! If you need any more help with Detroit Become Human, let us know in the comments. Alternatively, check out our comprehensive wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.

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