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Detroit Become Human: What Alice’s Secret Is (Spoilers)


Detroit Become Human: What Alice’s Secret Is (Spoilers)

What Alice’s Secret Is in Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human has three different characters to play through. Their adventures are separate, but will inevitably intertwine. There’s also different characters you’ll meet along the way. One such character is Alice, the little girl that Kara takes care of.

Eventually, you’ll hear a bit of concerning information from Luther, the android deviant you meet along the way in Detroit Become Human. He implies to Kara that there’s more to Alice than meets the eye. What does he see, though? Here’s exactly the answer to that question.

Obviously, there are spoilers below.

Eventually, in Detroit Become Human’s story, Luther will finally spill the beans to Kara. Alice isn’t a human child like she and the player (probably) thought all along. She’s a deviant android, too. She’s the child series android that the father bought. Maybe he and his wife couldn’t have kids and they tried it out with Alice. Maybe that’s why the wife left him after all. In any case, she’s not human, and that puts her ultimately in just as much danger as Kara.

All along you might have felt like she was okay and fine ultimately because she’s a human and wouldn’t be shut down or anything like that, but alas, she’s in danger too.

Does it make you any less willing to protect her as Kara now? The choice is up to you. If you need more help with Detroit Become Human, let us know in the comments down below! You can also check out our comprehensive wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.

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