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Dauntless: How to Use the Lantern


Dauntless: How to Use the Lantern

How to Use the Lantern in Dauntless

In Dauntless, you’ll need to use a variety of different tools, medicines, and weapons to take down behemoths. Behemoths are the name for the massive monsters that are slowly destroying the world because of their massive appetite for aether, and it’s up to you, the slayer, to cull them before it’s too late.

A game of Dauntless is essentially divided into two phases: tracking down your behemoth, and then actually fighting it. You’re limited in time, so you don’t want to take forever locating the behemoth when you should be focusing on actually fighting it. That’s where the lantern comes in.

The lantern in Dauntless is a tool that you can use that will show the direction of the behemoth you are tracking. It has a long cooldown, so don’t waste it, and try to coordinate with your teammates so that between the four of you, you should be able to pinpoint where the behemoth is.

To use the lantern in Dauntless, simply press and hold V while out in the field. Pay attention, because just for a few seconds after activating it, a flurry of sparkles will illuminate and get swept away in the direction of the behemoth. If you don’t look carefully you can miss it, and you’ll have to wait a while before you can use it again. You can see the cooldown of the lantern on the top left of your screen while in a game.

That does it for how to use the lantern in Dauntless. Best of luck our there slayers!

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