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Top 5 Best Unblocked Games to Play at School & Work


Top 5 Best Unblocked Games to Play at School & Work

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Best Unblocked Games to Play at School & Work

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School or work can get very stressful, and what better way to release stress than participating in the soothing, peaceful experience that is QWOP. Just kidding, QWOP is a great way to build up frustration and will likely make you want to destroy the computer that you’re playing on and all other surrounding computers.

It’s a physics-based game created by Bennett Foddy. The objective is simple: see how far you can run. The controls, however, are anything but simple. You use four different keys on the keyboard to control your thighs and your calves. The best way I’ve found is to alternate between pressing W and O together, and then Q and P together. But honestly, any time I think I have a strategy down, it seems to stop working after a little while. There’s no randomness about it, though; there is a definitive way to do well at QWOP. Good luck trying to find it.

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Plays all systems, all genres, all games! Just trying to finish the backlog while keeping up-to-date with new releases.

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