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PUBG vs. Fortnite: Which Should You Play? Take This Quiz to Find Out


PUBG vs. Fortnite: Which Should You Play? Take This Quiz to Find Out

What Is Your Platform of Choice?


In the last year, the battle royale genre has well and truly taken the gaming world by storm. And while gamers are united in their love for the genre, a clear line has been drawn, splitting the player base right down the middle. On one side, we have military shooter PUBG, the game that popularized battle royale and became the cult hit of 2017. On the other, we have Fortnite, a game which, after a shaky start, adopted the battle royale mantra to become the biggest game in the world, drawing in more views on Twitch and concurrent players than all else. The two are similar in many ways, but there are notable differences between the two. Ultimately, it’s cool to like either, but which one is the right battle royale shooter for you? All you need to do is answer the questions posed on each page (steer clear of the arrows located at the top and bottom) by clicking on the answers down below and see what the right experience is for you. Let’s dive in.

Let’s start off by seeing what hardware you’re working with. Each game is only available on certain platforms so this will be a big factor in your decision. What we want to know is which of these three platforms is your go to.

There’s no judgement here, no PC master race arguments, just preference. With that in mind, which of these is your platform of choice?




Xbox One



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