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God of War: How to Solve Tyr’s Vault – Puzzle Solution

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God of War: How to Solve Tyr’s Vault – Puzzle Solution

God of War: Tyr’s Vault Puzzle Solution

Here’s everything you need to know about how to solve Tyr’s Vault in God of War.

God of War is back with a new Nordic setting, an emphasis on story-telling, and plenty of deadly puzzles to solve. One such puzzle is that of Tyr’s Vault, which sees Kratos and Atreus encountering a giant spinning sphere of blue energy. In order to reach the rune-stone hidden within you must first follow these steps:

  • First off, you’re going to want to find the climbable wall over by the entrance to the vault. Climb it and face the giant rings located in the center of the room. Hitting the green target located at the top will cause the rings to start spinning, exposing the green target so that it can be hit from the ground.
  • Head back to the ground using the nearby chain.
  • Throw your weapon at the target and you will be imbued with Winds of Hel Energy which you must use to free the ball in the other room from the vines it is trapped by.
  • There is a time limit as to when the energy will run out so be sure to hit the ball with your weapon quickly. If you run out of time, simply hit the target again to gain more energy.
  • Once the ball is released, a lever will appear, pull it and the door in front of you will open.
  • You’ll see a room filled with spinning discs which you must move through. Use your weapon to freeze the discs in place so you can dodge underneath them.
  • Reaching the other side will allow you to open a door back to the main room.
  • There will be enemies waiting for you, so be sure to defeat them before moving on.
  • You can then use Wind of Hel Energy to free the next mechanism from the vines, opening a door in front of you once again.
  • This time there will be large falling pillars which will crush you if you’re not careful.
  • Once again, throw your weapon at the targets to freeze them in place, so that you can time getting past the first two pillars.
  • Once you have dodged past the first two, dodge roll into the space hidden to the right.
  • This will allow you to dodge past the final obstacle and open the door to the main room.
  • The sphere will be powered down again, so simply climb up the chain to get into a position where you can hit it again. There is an enemy waiting for you at the top.
  • Transfer the Wind of Hel Energy to the final ball, which will cause vines to trap Kratos.
  • Direct Atreus to read the glyphs located to the right of the room and he will explain that in order to free the trap, you must position the three symbols so that the moon is on the left, Midgard in the center and the sun on the right.
  • Follow these exact instructions by pointing Atreus to switches in this order: Middle, Left, Middle, Right, Left, Middle, Right.
  • The vines will release Kratos and reveal the rune-stone.

That’s all for how to solve Tyr’s Vault in God of War. If you need a visual aid, you can check out our video guide on the puzzle down below. For more tips and tricks check out our God of War wiki guide. We have plenty of other helpful info like the best skills to learn first, how to get Smoldering Embers, and how to open hidden chambers.

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