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BattleTech: How to Use Money Cheat


BattleTech: How to Use Money Cheat

How to Use Money Cheat in BattleTech

BattleTech is a new turn-based strategy RPG which tasks players with commanding a team (or Lance) of customizable BattleMechs. The game is incredibly deep, blending a rich sci-fi tale of political struggle, with a mechanically-complex turn-based combat system. Players have the freedom to swap out each individual part of a mech, building their very own versions to suit different play-styles. As you’d expect, mechs aren’t cheap, so you’re going to have to accumulate a lot of cash in order to build your dream team of mechanical death.

That is unless you add cheats to the game, which can be done via several third party sites. You can head here to check out the cheats available to you, ranging from God Mode to One Hit Kill. These cheats are often only available in Skirmish Mode, and you’ll need a MegaDev account to access all of them, but can be used to your heart’s content. Just make sure you download the Cheat Trainer and enable the Prepare for Cheats option.

The Unlimited Money Cheat is totally free to use and is mapped to LShift + F1. It’s incredibly useful given how tough money is to come by in the game. You’ll be able to purchase any mech you want and test it out on the battlefield.

For those who want to enter Debug Mode and make changes from there, head here and download the Cheat Trainer. There are of course other Cheat Trainers out there, many of which are free, but these are the ones that worked for us. Let us know what cheats you’re using in the comments.

For more on BattleTech, check out our other guides. If you’ve just started the game and are feeling a little overwhelmed, read our tips and tricks for beginner’s guide.

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