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7 Anime Like Spice and Wolf if You’re Looking For Something Similar


7 Anime Like Spice and Wolf if You’re Looking For Something Similar

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One of the best traits of anime is its ability to present normal topics in fantastical and interesting ways, and Spice and Wolf is a shining example.

Dropping viewers into a world of intrigue, economic stakes and lovable characters, the show is a masterclass at creating a world you can’t help but get sucked into. Whether its the way the world around the characters expands with each arc or the budding relationship between the protagonists, it’s a show few won’t want more of after the final episode is reached. Of course, it’s not the only show of its kind, and these seven shows are perfect for anyone looking for something similar.

Maoyū Maō Yūsha

Anime Like Spice and Wolf if You’re Looking For Something Similar

spice and wolf

Saving the world from a tyrannical overlord is all well and good, but what if teaming up with said overlord to make everyone’s live’s better were on the table? Such is the premise for Maoyu, a show that turns fantasy adventure tropes on its head. Following a war between demons and humans, the Hero and the Demon King come to an agreement to join forces and build a lasting peace for both races to live in harmony. Along the way, they dive into much of the logistics of what would follow a world-shaking conflict between warring peoples from rebuilding destroyed cities, eliminating prejudices and incorporating elements from each civilization into one another. It also helps that the cast feels fleshed out and relatable, leading to a great 12 episode series to lose oneself in.

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