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10 Anime Like My Hero Academia if You’re Looking For Something Similar


10 Anime Like My Hero Academia if You’re Looking For Something Similar

10 Anime Like My Hero Academia

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Looking for anime like My Hero Academia? Well, when it comes to creating a world ripe with adventure, conflict, and wonder, few deliver like this 2010 adaptation of the popular manga. Following the exploits of Edward and Alphonse Elric as they search for a way to regain what they lost in an alchemical experiment gone wrong, the story takes them to the corners of the world and back, pitting them against cosmically powered villains on more than one occasion. High octane fight scenes, enthralling visuals and fun characters are abound in this show, and the hours will fly by as you tear through this modern classic. It’s certainly one of the best anime like My Hero Academia and one of the best around, period.

10 Anime Like My Hero Academia

One Piece

A juggernaut within the world of Shonen anime, the pirate adventure series One Piece laid the groundwork for many of the elements My Hero Academia prides itself on. A lovable cast of characters with a variety of powers and personalities? Check. Story arcs that will make you tear up one moment and then jump for joy the next? Check. A unique art style which helps the series stand out among the rest? Check.

That said, the series does come with the catch of being several hundred episodes long and counting, having started back before the turn of the century. All the same, it’s a literal legend in the making and more than worthy of being seen at least once should you have the drive and the time. It’s certainly one of the best anime like My Hero Academia and one of the best around, period.

10 Anime Like My Hero Academia


Anime Netflix Naruto

Another long-running pillar of shonen anime, Naruto captures the same emotional highs of seeing an underdog succeed as Deku’s adventures in My Hero Academia. Following the titular character as he strives to become Hokage, viewers get to watch as he grows and changes over time, taking on any and all challenges that come his way with a smile. No matter the threat, he’s always willing to work hard and find a new power capable of putting the arc’s villain to the floor, and it only becomes more and more fun to watch as the series moves into its sequels Naruto Shippuden and Boruto. If you have the time and access to a list of which episodes are canon, you can’t go wrong with this shonen classic as one of the best anime like My Hero Academia.

10 Anime Like My Hero Academia

Hajime No Ippo

In the world of boxing, only the best of the best can reign supreme. To this end, protagonist Makunouchi Ippo and his friends train to push themselves past their limits for glory, admiration and the chance to achieve their dreams. Released sporadically over the past few years, each season of Hajime No Ippo has been better than the last with intense fights and impactful character growth. All the while Ippo, the eternal underdog, does his best to become better and rise to the occasion, inspiring those around him as he does. Even if you aren’t a fan of sports, this series will easily grab your attention and refuse to let go until the final bell rings, making this one of the better anime like My Hero Academia.

10 Anime Like My Hero Academia

Black Clover

Like My Hero Academia, Black Clover is a new addition to the shonen anime scene with plenty of untapped potential. Set in a fantasy world where magic dictates everything, the protagonist Asta seeks to become the Wizard King and create a world where all are treated equally regardless of magical ability. To that end, he joins the Black Bull magic knight brigade and sets out to defend the kingdom, battling with wizards who hold their own dreams of grandeur and power.

While it can lean farther into intensity with its character personalities than other shows, its art and fight scenes are marvelous and well worth the price of admission. With more episodes coming each week, it should whet the appetite of anyone who wants some good shonen to binge on.

10 Anime Like My Hero Academia

Fairy Tail

When the young mage Lucy Heartfilia sets out to live a life of adventure, she soon finds herself drawn into the hijinks of Natsu and his friends at the Fairy Tail Guild. The eternal troublemakers of the magical world, they always find a way into the center of evil plans and conspiracies just long enough to stop them, resulting in a string of adventures and battles alongside friends and compatriots. Filled with a cast of odd characters and dramatic clashes between different magical abilities, there’s plenty to dig into with this shonen fan favorite and it’s one of the better anime like My Hero Academia.

10 Anime Like My Hero Academia

Dragon Ball

A household name in and out of anime fandom, Dragon Ball is legendary as one of the best and purest examples of shonen anime out there. Following the exploits of Goku and his friends, the series goes anywhere and everywhere you can think of, pitting its heroes in fights the whole way through. Like most long-running shows, jumping in can be intimidating – Between the original series, Dragon Ball Z and the recently aired Dragon Ball Super, it can clock in at many hundreds of episodes – but in exchange, those who do are treated to the tale of how a legendary warrior came to be who he was, along with the world-shattering fights he found himself in along the way. Fans looking for anime like My Hero Academia, if they have somehow missed Dragon Ball, should check it out.

10 Anime Like My Hero Academia

Gurren Lagann

Dreaming of a life on the surface, Simon and his brother Kamina burst through the ceiling of their underground home with the help of a long-dormant drill-equipped robot head. From there, they gather followers for the purpose of staging a rebellion against the ruling Beastmen, piloting mechs with the power of their manliness and fighting spirit.

As ridiculous as the premise is, one can’t help but fall in love with the over the top characters and their ambitions. Much like with All Might and Deku, viewers will find themselves ensnared by the heroes’ passions and cheering as the action rockets past the stratosphere into insanity, making this one of the best anime like My Hero Academia.

10 Anime Like My Hero Academia

Hunter X Hunter

Those who have seen the series before won’t argue that the 2011 version of Hunter X Hunter stands among the greats of shonen anime. Following Gon and his friends all the way from their initiation into the Hunter Association to the conclusion of the Chimera Ant arc, the show treats viewers to a story and characters ripe with growth, development, and utterly satisfying fight scenes between cunning and determined adversaries. Every victory, from Gon learning about his nen abilities to Killua saving him once they go out of control, is uplifting and worth every minute spent watching them get to that point. Even at 148 episodes, it’ll feel like you can never get enough of this amazing show, perfect if you’re looking for anime like My Hero Academia to occupy your time.

10 Anime Like My Hero Academia

One Punch Man

In a world of superheroes, Saitama stands above the rest with the ability to end any fight in one punch. While that may be great for the world, it’s left him hopelessly bored with no opponents left for him to cut loose with, resulting in his lackadaisical approach to the world ending threats and life in general.

More comedy oriented than other entries in this list, One Punch man still stands as one of the best shows to be released in modern anime, especially for you’re looking for anime like My Hero Academia. From the cataclysmic brawls with space invaders to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it bouts with assassins, the show pokes fun at overpowered superheroes to great effect. Plus, with a second season coming in the next few years, it’s the perfect time to see why people fell in love with this incredible series, and certainly great for people looking for more anime like My Hero Academia.

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