Anime Like Jujutsu Kaisen if You're Looking for Something Similar
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10 Anime Like Jujutsu Kaisen if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Welcome to the darker side of Shonen.

If you’ve been sucked into the world of Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime, you’re not alone. Its premise of fighting horrific Curses with special powers is simple yet effective, and it’s hard not to love the more eccentric members of its cast. There are only so many episodes to watch, though, so we’ve found 10 anime like Jujutsu Kaisen if you’re looking for something similar.

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Yu Yu Hakusho

10 Anime Like Jujutsu Kaisen if You're Looking for Something Similar
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When it comes to shonen anime with a supernatural twist, it wouldn’t be surprising for Yu Yu Hakusho to come up first and foremost.

Following a traffic accident where he dies saving a child, teenager Yusuke Urameshi is dragged into the affairs of the Spirit World in exchange for being brought back to life. He’s appointed as a Spirit Detective, charged with tracking down demons who hope to cause havoc and taking them out using special powers utilizing his Spirit Energy.

While this seems simple enough at first, the job quickly spirals into larger conflicts, with Yusuke soon finding himself up against some of the most powerful demons in existence. Alongside his friends and allies though, he might just have what it takes to save both the world of the living and the Spirit World from destruction.

The series’ art and aesthetic make Yu Yu Hakusho a ’90s Shonen to its core, but there’s still a timeless appeal to the writing and characters that’s hard not to love. They elevate the experience past being just another action series and leave you wanting to see how certain characters will grow and change across the duration of each cour.

It’s on the lengthier side too, meaning you won’t run out of episodes to watch for quite a while once you pick it up.

Tokyo Ghoul

10 Anime Like Jujutsu Kaisen if You're Looking for Something Similar
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Before you say anything, yes: We’re aware of Tokyo Ghoul‘s somewhat tarnished reputation due to some creative choices made with specific scenes. After some time away from it though, they’re not nearly as heinous as they seemed, and the series overall is a solid one.

The tale of Kaneki’s struggle to adapt to his new reality after becoming a ghoul is a nice parallel to Itadori’s struggle, with both forced to harbor an unwanted gift. There’s likewise a thin line shown to exist between the normalcy most people enjoy and the chaos of another, more violent world lurking just beneath the surface.

And then, there’s the fact that both series feature a huge cast of loveable, oddball characters. Through each tender moment shared and jab made at their respective flaws, you’ll be just as eager to see Kaneki and his friends find happiness as you are to see Itadori and his classmates catch a break.

With the series’ flaws in mind though, we recommend testing the water with this series’ first 24 episodes first. If it’s definitely up your alley, then go ahead and check out the second half of the show.


10 Anime Like Jujutsu Kaisen if You're Looking for Something Similar
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How would gods function in modern-day Japan when humanity has learned to live without the worship of many older gods?

Such is the question posed by Noragami, an anime following the exploits of the ancient god of death, Yato, as he strives to survive in current-day Japan. Determined to rebrand himself as more than an incarnation of killing, he aids humans with whatever problems they may have, from exorcising the spirits haunting them to cleaning their toilets for five Yen.

Of course, being a shonen action series, things quickly take a turn for the bombastic when less-savory gods begin manipulating spirits and phantoms for sinister purposes. Before long, Yato is dragged into these plots, forcing him to use his death-dealing skills in the hopes of restoring peace to the world of humanity.

It’s an odd premise, but one which the show tackles with enthusiasm. Topics like finding meaning in existence, and overcoming past notions or beliefs about one’s self, take the forefront of the storytelling in some really intriguing ways that Jujutsu Kaisen fans will resonate with.

It’s far from a huge time investment too, with only 26 episodes and a handful of OVAs available to watch. You could do far worse in your search for anime like Jujutsu Kaisen, and will be happy you took the time to watch it.

Hell’s Paradise

10 Anime Like Jujutsu Kaisen if You're Looking for Something Similar

If you’re looking for an anime like Jujutsu Kaisen specifically because you liked its gory ’90s aesthetic, look no further than Hell’s Paradise.

Following the discovery of an island that may contain the secret to immortality, several criminals are sent alongside skilled samurai to try and find it in exchange for a pardon. This goes about as well as you’d expect, with many aiming to kill off their competition in order to ensure they come away with the key to their freedom.

Or at least, that’s how it appears at first. It doesn’t take long for them to discover this island is home to deadly monstrosities fashioned after religious iconography. They can dismember, infect, and otherwise maim them all with ease too, meaning they’ll need to work together if they want to have any hope of escaping with their lives.

The series drips with a bloody edge that would put old classics like Ninja Scroll to shame, and features a cast of characters that are deep enough to keep you engaged the whole way through. It’s still ongoing too, meaning you can catch up on all of the currently available episodes and then return for its newest season when you’re ready.

Blue Exorcist

10 Anime Like Jujutsu Kaisen if You're Looking for Something Similar
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The dilemma of having a protagonist possessed by a villain is still a novel one in anime. However, it’s an issue that the anime for Blue Exorcist tackles masterfully.

Following an event where Satan kills several powerful Exorcists throughout the world, two twins are born from the union of the incarnation of evil and a human woman. While one was born mostly normal, the other was born with Satan’s powers, posing a threat to the world should they ever be let loose.

This comes to pass when Rin Okumura, the twin possessing Satan’s powers, was forced to unleash said abilities to free his adoptive father from being possessed by the dark lord. With the genie out of the bottle, he is then taken into the ranks of the world’s Exorcists and must either learn to control his powers or face execution.

Like with Jujutsu Kaisen’s Itadori Yuji, Rin’s struggle to be considered more than a threat to those around him makes for some great storytelling and character interactions. Seeing him gain the trust of his comrades, and watching as those comrades help him fight to find a place in the world, adds meaning to otherwise standard Shonen conflicts. This is to say nothing of the fights featured in the show too, which are almost as spectacular as Jujutsu Kaisen’s despite being several years older.

There’s also a decent amount of the show available to watch, making it one of the better anime like Jujutsu Kaisen if you’re out to find something beefy to fill its void.

Hunter x Hunter

10 Anime Like Jujutsu Kaisen if You're Looking for Something Similar
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Jujutsu Kaisen has one of the more intricate power systems in Shonen, and if you love everything about it, Hunter x Hunter is a perfect fit for you.

Following a young boy named Gon on his quest to become a Hunter and find his father, the series introduces its Nen power system after two brief setup arcs. Through it, the standard Shonen battle formula is turned on its head with abilities that range from standard power-ups to creative uses of conditions and restrictions for wild new abilities.

These become all the more interesting once they clash. Everything from a person’s current condition to their compatibility with specific types of skills comes into play, and lead to some of the wildest fights one could hope to see animated. Speaking of which: The animation can be exceptional, and does service to the series’ biggest moments to make them even more memorable.

If you do end up watching this series though, get ready for a long haul. The show comes in at a whopping 148 episodes, meaning you could very well spend months working your way through it if you pace yourself. Consider this carefully, as we can guarantee that it’ll hook you hard once you reach a certain point in the series.

Parasyte -the maxim-

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Though it may not seem like it on the surface, Parasyte -the maxim- is like Jujutsu Kaisen in some very fundamental ways.

After alien life forms make their way down to earth, they infect several people in order to turn them into their new host bodies. One such person is Shinichi, but he manages to prevent his parasitic visitor from reaching his brain. This causes it to take control of his arm, and the two are then forced to coexist as they try to deduce who else has been infected and fight off those that might harm the wider world at large.

What follows is a rather dark Seinen series where special abilities come from the different ways the parasitic aliens twist and manipulate the flesh of their hosts. Death is never off the table for anyone in the cast, and touching moments of friendship are counter-balanced with grim displays of cruelty on both sides of the conflict.

It’s fairly manageable to watch too, with a modest 24 episodes to its name. Give this one a look if you’re in the mood for something that shares Jujtusu Kaisen’s love of dark subject matter.

Demon Slayer

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We’d be remiss not to mention the other Shonen powerhouse that has exploded onto the scene alongside Jujutsu Kaisen; that being the smash-hit Demon Slayer.

Following the death of almost all of his family members at the hands of a demon, Tanjiro Kamado discovers that his last remaining sibling, Nezuko, has been transformed into a demon. However, he quickly deduces that she hasn’t fully transformed, providing hope that there might be a way for her to return to normal.

With no other option, he sets out to learn more about demons, who controls them, and how to destroy them before they can destroy the lives of others. This puts him along the path of a demon slayer, and in time he learns the true gravity of the tasks he has set out to complete.

Though somewhat simple in its premise, the show is executed masterfully with top-notch animation and well-paced storytelling. There’s never been a better time to jump into the series either, with consistent new seasons and an exceptional movie to add on to the list of content you can enjoy.

Chainsaw Man

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A fellow member of the Dark Trio, Chainsaw Man is an anime like Jujutsu Kaisen in some of the most important ways.

Denji shares Itadori’s wish to live a good life before his eventual death, and uses this in his daily life of slaying Devils as the notorious Chainsaw Man. He’s likewise pulled into power struggles he couldn’t possibly understand, and is forced to enhance his powers in a hurry in order to protect those he cares about and work toward his goals.

We should also point out that Chainsaw Man is also animated by MAPPA, and features animation that might be even more impressive than Jujutsu Kaisen’s. Every blood-splattered, mile-a-minute fight scene moves with a crispness and sakuga that will leave you thinking you just watched a film, and you wouldn’t be blamed for blasting through all 12 of its currently available episodes in no time flat.

It’s one of the best anime like Jujutsu Kaisen out there, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.


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There are more than a few similarities between Jujutsu Kaisen and the Big Three alumnus Bleach, and that’s a good thing.

Set in a world where the normal and supernatural collide, Bleach sees the hot-headed Ichigo Kurasaki stumble his way into becoming a Soul Reaper — basically a sword-wielding grim reaper tasked with helping the spirits of the departed pass on after they become malevolent Hollows.

In time though, it becomes clear that defeating malevolent spirits won’t be enough to change the world for the better. A rigid hierarchy of Soul Reapers, scheming almighty beings, and several others seek to drag the world into chaos for their own ends. As a result, Ichigo and his friends must face them down in order to ensure the living world and afterlife can enjoy peace, and that their lives aren’t trampled on for others’ ambitions.

In addition to offering plenty of supernatural elements and engaging fights, Bleach shares Jujutsu Kaisen’s love for themes of rebelling against a strict society and trying to find one’s own answer for what is right or wrong. This serves to make more than a few characters engaging to follow, and keeps the world created feeling interesting.

It’s worth noting, however, that the show has a glut of filler episodes ranging in quality. If you’re looking for a focused and compact viewing experience, make sure to go into this series with a list of filler arcs to skip in hand.

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