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Sea of Thieves: Are There Weapon Upgrades?


Sea of Thieves: Are There Weapon Upgrades?

Are There Weapon Upgrades in Sea of Thieves?

With all of the loot and artillery on offer in Sea of Thieves, you may be wondering if you can boost your weapons beyond their base capabilities to make them stronger.

At this point, this is not the case. Though each of the weapon types have their own unique strengths and quirks (blunderbuss being effective in short range combat, while the eye of reach is the perfect tool for long distance sniping, etc.), it is impossible to improve their performance in combat.

You can buy variations of each weapon at the Weaponsmith’s Shops in exchange for gold, but they only provide cosmetic differences. Even weapons that are unlocked by raising your reputation with the various factions will operate in exactly the same fashion, and offer little more than bragging rights. There has been no indication that this will change down the track, but we will be sure to keep you updated if it does.

If you’re on the lookout for more Sea of Thieves tips and tricks, take a look at our wiki page. It has guides on basic gameplay, as well as more complex issues that you’ll come across as you play. There you’ll find the answer ye seek, me hearties.

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