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Ni No Kuni 2: Trial By Knowledge Walkthrough Guide


Ni No Kuni 2: Trial By Knowledge Walkthrough Guide

Trial By Knowledge Walkthrough for Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom

Before young Evan Pettiwhisker can be recognized as a true leader of Ni No Kuni 2, he’ll need his very own kingmaker by his side. Before he’s granted one, however, he’ll be tested by a special trial to prove he has what it takes to lead a nation. The Trial By Knowledge, as it’s called, is a set of three puzzles in which you’ll have to read a short story and walk its path – represented on a collection of platforms – in the correct order. Each story has a set of keywords, represented by colored statues on the map, and these need to be walked across in order of their appearance. Sometimes, they’ll need to be rotated to a certain position too. To make things trickier, each platform you step on will fall away after you’ve stepped onto another, meaning that you’ve only got one shot at getting your route spot on. And there’s one more aspect to the puzzle to keep you on your toes: there are floating blue orbs placed strategically around the area that you’ll want to collect. These orbs can be ignored, but if you can crack the puzzles and collect them at the same time, you’ll get a bunch of cool rewards.

Here’s how to complete each chapter of the Trial By Knowledge in Ni No Kuni 2 perfectly, acquiring all the blue orbs in the process:

Trial By Knowledge Chapter 1 – Ni No Kuni 2

Order: Blue, Red, Orange.

Of the platforms in front of Evan, take the far left one (in front of the book) and work your way around the edge until you reach the blue statue. Now turn right and take two steps forward, then turn left and collect the blue orb. Now begin to work your way around the edge, past the golden door, and over the red statue. Take one step past the red and turn right, take two steps forward and then over to the wheel on the left. Rotate the golden statue two times so that the faerie is turned in the same direction as the wand. Now step back onto the tile behind you, forward three steps and collect the orb, then work your way around the obvious path you have ahead, past the golden statue, and over to the book. Before reading the book, collect the final orb.

Rewards: Soreaway + Sixth censer

Trial By Knowledge Chapter 2 – Ni No Kuni 2

Order: Pink, Green, Purple, Red

The middle chapter of Trial By Knowledge in Ni No Kuni 2 is far easier. Simply work your way around the edge, collecting each orb as they come. Head left and over the pink statue, collect the orb and then over to the firm tile ahead. Make sure you then activate the green tile before approaching the second blue orb. Now take one step forward, go right, and walk over the purple statue before heading over to the wheel behind the red statue. The key here is that you’ll need to make sure both the red and purple statue are facing each other. To do so, rotate the red statue twice. Now head in a loop around to the blue orb, and then over to rotate the wheel of the blue statue twice. You can now approach the book, walking over the blue statue on the way through.

Rewards: Sixth Censer, Three-leafed Soreaway, Warlock’s Wand.

Trial By Knowledge Chapter 3 – Ni No Kuni 2

Order: Purple, Green, Purple, Red, Orange.

The final and most difficult of Trial By Knowledge’s chapters in Ni No Kuni 2. Chapter 3 is much larger than the previous two and involves a rotating platform that must be used to reach each statue in the correct order. Each activated statue will destroy the evil aura surrounding the corresponding tower. To do so, however, the statue must be facing in the correct direction. The first statue doesn’t require any movement, but the rest of them will.

First, head right and activate (as in, walk over it) the purple statue. Now move over to the wheel that you can see which controls the central platform and rotate it twice so that you can move over to the left and toward the green statue. Before walking over it, rotate the wheel so that the Pistolier is aiming at the tower in the corner. Now walk over the statue tile and then move over to the red wheel that rotates the central platform. Rotate it once and then head left. From here, we want to activate the next (purple and red) statues before circling back to collect the blue orbs. Attempting to get the blue orbs first in this chapter of the Trial by Knowledge will not leave you enough platforms. When you reach the first firm tile you can see, take a right two steps and onto the next firm tile. Now go left, onto another firm tile and face the purple and red statues in front of you.

From here, we want to do one giant loop that will activate the purple statue (which in turn activates the red) and go all the way back to the blue orbs behind us, before working our way back to the main rotating platform in the middle. Take a step forward and to the right, turn the wheel three times so that the purple statue is facing the red. Now continue around, activating the statue and looping back toward the blue orbs. The path ahead should be clear to you now. Hug the right side on the way down, the left on the way back up, and then approach the wheel to rotate the main center platform.

Rotate the wheel once and now head toward the gold statue. Make sure you leave yourself a path back by sticking to the right side. Before approaching the gold statue’s wheel, continue right and down to a blue orb, again, sticking to the right side so you can make your way back to the wheel. The golden statue must be rotated twice so that it faces the tower.

For the final statue, there’s no wheel to control it directly. Instead, rotate the main platform (which you might have noticed is the dragon) so that it faces the boy. You can now activate it and approach the book.

Rewards: Three-leafed Soreaway, Sage’s secret, Shamshir sword

That’s all you’ll need to know in order to beat the Trial By Knowledge kingmaker trials in Ni No Kuni 2. For more useful guides on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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