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Can You Get MLB The Show 18 on PS3?


Can You Get MLB The Show 18 on PS3?

Can You Get MLB The Show 18 on PS3?

The latest and greatest from Sony and San Diego Studios, MLB The Show 18 is finally out for the PlayStation 4. We were quite impressed with the latest showing, especially if you’re a fan of Diamond Dynasty and Road to the Show. In Diamond Dynasty, the programs UI has been overhauled and it’s much easier to figure out what you need, and all cards have been better tied into that system. In Road to the Show, training points have been removed with a more realistic, and natural, progression system tied to what you do on the field. With the release of MLB The Show 18 on PS4, some players are wondering if it’ll also show up on PS3.

MLB The Show, of course, had its start on the older generations of consoles, including the PlayStation 3 (PS3) so fans might be wondering if it is on the PS3, or will ever be on the PS3. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s incredibly unlikely that MLB The Show 18 will ever go to the PS3. The franchise is now wholly current-gen, and not only has Sony and San Diego Studios abandoned the PS3, the PS Vita has been cut from platforms as well.

So at this point, if you want to play the latest from The Show franchise, you’re going to need to invest in getting a PlayStation 4.

For more on MLB The Show 18, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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