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Far Cry 5: How to Throw Bait


Far Cry 5: How to Throw Bait

How to Throw Bait in Far Cry 5

Bait is a pretty important thing to keep in mind if you’re trying to find particular creatures out in the wild in Far Cry 5. Predators, in particular, can be tricky to spot and lure out, and that’s where you’ll want to use this stuff in order to attract them close to you.

First off, to get bait in Far Cry 5, you’ll need to kill the likes of chickens, pigs, turkeys and so forth. Basically, any fairly common animal can be looted when killed for bait.

Now that you’ve got some tasty treats, you’ll need to throw it to attract bigger and better creatures in Far Cry 5. Press and hold L1 (or LB on Xbox One) to open the weapon wheel and use the right stick to go to the very bottom of the circle. With the 6 o’clock option selected, now use left and right on your dpad to cycle through the different options, and eventually bait should appear. Once it’s selected, simply press and hold R1 (RB on Xbox One) to prepare to throw it, and release the button to actually send it in the direction you were aiming.

That’s literally all there is to getting and throwing some tasty treats for the predators out in the wilds of Far Cry 5. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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