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Far Cry 5: How Much It Costs


Far Cry 5: How Much It Costs

How Much Far Cry 5 Costs

Far Cry 5 is finally out and has made its way to current-gen consoles including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and of course, PC. For the Americans here at this post, instead of going somewhere far away, the game takes place right in your backyard, in the fictional location of Hope County, Montana. Montana is real, but Hope County isn’t in case you slept during geography and that wasn’t clear.

Anywhoo, if you’re here, you’re probably wondering much Far Cry 5 costs. Well, it depends on the platform. At least as of the time of this posting, aka launch week, the cheapest you can grab the game is for $53.99 from Green Man Gaming Note though, this is for the PC version only. Console versions as of right now are still floating around the usual $60 price tag, you might be able to shop around and find it a few cents or possibly even bucks cheaper, but expect to pay close to $60 (before tax) if you’re buying console as of launch week.

Hopefully that helped you out and you are able to find a good bargain for Far Cry 5. Enjoy the game if you get it! For more on Far Cry 5, make sure to take a look at our growing wiki.

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