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Far Cry 5: All Hard Fishing Spot Locations


Far Cry 5: All Hard Fishing Spot Locations

All Hard Fishing Spot Locations in Far Cry 5

Aside from all the killing and raiding, players can enjoy a nice, relaxing fishing session in Far Cry 5. There are various fishing spots scattered throughout the open world, each home to their own specific fish. If you’re trying to beat the region records, most of the record-breaking fish are tucked away in hard fishing spots. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to find and catch these fish if you want your hands on the best fishing rod in the game.

To beat the region records, you’ll have to visit that region’s specific headquarters. You’ll find a list of fish pinned to the noticeboard, along with some information on the current records for the area. You’ll have to catch each fish from the list, and here’s where you can find each hard fishing spot to break the record.

  • Pallid Sturgeon – Head over to John’s Region and follow the river south of the Lamb of God Church. You’ll come across the fishing spot in the far southwestern corner of the map where you can start looking for said fish.
  • Paddlefish Sturgeon – This hard fishing spot is a bit further downstream from the Pallid Sturgeon. Make your way south around the area, just past the airstrip, and you should see the hard fishing spot.
  • Rainbow Trout – Head to the border between Henbane River and Holland Valley. This Far Cry 5 fishing spot is near the Bridge of Tears, east of the nearby pumpkin farm.
  • Bull Trout – Just head south from the Rainbow Trout fishing spot and look for a wide bend. You should find the fishing spot at the tip of the bend.
  • Rock Bass – You’ll have to travel to Faith’s region and check the river that passes from the Hope Country jail. From the prison, head west until you come across the road overlooking the river.
  • Smallmouth Bass – In Faith’s region, head to the far east of the map to find the fishing spot. If you’re a bit lost, you can look for the Moonflower Trailer Park and head far east from there.
  • Largemouth Bass – You can find this spot directly north from the Smallmouth Bass location.
  • Golden Trout – Travel to the Whitetail Mountains and look for Fort Drubman. The spot you’re looking for should be right in front of the fort.
  • Lake Trout – Look for a small bay to the north of the Fort Drubman to find the hard fishing spot.
  • Chinook Salmon – Head over to the FANG center and head north to find the fishing spot in Far Cry 5.
  • Kokanee Salmon – If you head west from the FANG center, you’ll come across a large lake where the hard fishing spot is located.
  • Arctic Grayling Salmon – To find the last fish, you’ll want to head south along the western edge of the map. You’ll discover a lake nearby which houses the final hard fishing spot.

Once you manage to find all the fish, you can finally get the Old Betsy fishing rod. For more tips and tricks on Far Cry 5, make sure to check out our wiki.

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