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10 Best PayDay 2 Mods You Can’t Play Without


10 Best PayDay 2 Mods You Can’t Play Without

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Better Bots

Best PayDay 2 Mods You Can’t Play Without

PayDay 2 Mods

It’s plenty of fun to rob banks and take hostages in the vanilla version of PayDay 2, but the right PayDay 2 mods will make the experience even better. Before we continue, we recommend downloading BLT 2.0. This tool makes installing many mods a simple drag-and-drop process.

Every game has its own AI problems, and PayDay 2 is no exception. Thankfully, there’s a mod out there which provides a simple fix Better. Betters Bots makes numerous changes to the way your bot teammates interact with the world, from having bots automatically mark turrets to being able to shoot through other bots and hostages so they don’t cause any more accidental deaths. The mod also lets players customize a number of bot features, including health and movement speed. 

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