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My Time at Portia: How to Fish


My Time at Portia: How to Fish

How to Fish in My Time at Portia

While My Time at Portia is a farming simulator, there are plenty of other activities to do aside from tending to crops. Players can mingle with the townspeople, explore dungeons, and even go fishing. To fish, you’ll need to build your own rod first. Luckily, you’ll be given a Beginner’s Fishing Rod recipe when you start the game.

The materials required to make it are as follows: 15 Wood, 2 Wild Cocoons, and 1 Copper Bar. For Wood, just pick up the piles of sticks you see laying on the floor or just chop down small trees. You can find Wild Cocoons by kicking a large tree, while Copper Bars are made by placing Copper Ore in a Smelter.

Once you manage to make a rod, you need to find some bait by collecting Caterpillars from harvesting nodes near plants and herbs. If you have all the necessary equipment, seek out some fish swimming in a swirling pool of water. Approach the fishing spot and press E, which will activate the mini-game.

A red exclamation point will appear over your head, and you have to use your left mouse button to reel in your fish. Pay attention to the colored orbs floating around the fish since that’s your cursor. You need to keep the orb on the fish to continue reeling it in. Don’t forget to pay attention to the horizontal line on the tension bar near your character as well. The fish will escape if you go over the bar, so be careful.

Once you’ve caught some fish, you can sell them for some quick cash or cook them instead. For more tips and tricks on My Time at Portia, make sure to follow Twinfinite.

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