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Is Dynasty Warriors 9 Coming to Nintendo Switch?


Is Dynasty Warriors 9 Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Dynasty Warriors 9 Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Dynasty Warriors 9 hits the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Feb. 13 in North America and Europe, adopting the open-world format for the first time in the series and, in doing so, is a great diving in point for newcomers. With crafting, horse training, and even some internal decorating to keep you distracted from the thousands of enemies you’ll be hacking and slashing your way through, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. With Hyrule Warriors having been announced for the Nintendo Switch, fans may be wondering if Koei Tecmo is planning to also bring Dynasty Warriors 9 to Nintendo’s hybrid, too.

Unfortunately, in an interview with DualShockers, producer Akihiro Suzuki revealed that the team had no plans for a Nintendo Switch version at this moment in time. While this definitely means we can’t expect a stealth Switch launch alongside the other platforms on Feb. 13 (although insanely unlikely anyway), it also puts into question whether we’ll see Dynasty Warriors 9 on the system at all.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the Switch is selling like hot cakes, and its software attach rate isn’t too shabby either. Hopefully, Koei Tecmo will deem a Switch port worthy of its time.

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