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Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Use a Bow & Fire Arrows


Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Use a Bow & Fire Arrows

How to Use a Bow in Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 brings back a lot of long forgotten mechanics from the series. Fans should be happy to know that the bow and arrow is making its comeback! Players will now be able to shoot at enemies from afar to prime them a bit. Get them ready for all the pain you’ll bring them, you know? Here’s how to do this in Dynasty Warriors 9.

To use your bow, you’re going to want to press down on the d-pad. If you want to cycle between the different kinds of arrows you have to choose from, press left or right on the d-pad. When you’re ready to fire your bow, press X if you’re on Xbox One or Square if you’re on PS4. You have an unlimited supply of regular arrows in Dynasty Warriors 9, but your special ones like fire arrows aren’t as lucky. Thus, be smarter about how you use those special ones. Oh, and if you want to aim more precisely or zoom in, you’re going to want to squat while aiming. Press Triangle if you’re on PS4 or Y if you’re on Xbox One to do this.

Keep in mind, of course, that certain characters already use bows and crossbows as their primary weapon in Dynasty Warriors 9. This is different in how they handle. This should be used when you’re trying to snipe from afar as anyone. Also note that using this special weapon is really effective while hunting, as headshots are one-hit kills.

That’s all there is to using a bow and arrow when you’re not using it as your primary weapon! If you need any more help with Dynasty Warriors 9, leave us a shout down below and we’ll work on helping you out.

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