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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Lucky Vouchers


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Lucky Vouchers

How to Get Lucky Vouchers in Monster Hunter World

Hunting monsters isn’t just about swinging your weapon of choice and hoping for the best. There’s plenty of preparation, tracking, and strategy behind every hunt in Monster Hunter World. Making sure you’ve got some tasty meals down you before embarking on a hunt is one such thing. Lucky vouchers can be used for getting meals at the canteen in Monster Hunter World, providing you with buffs to give you the upper hand in battle. They can also be used to boost the amount of money you earn from quests, as long as you apply them that is. As such, chances are you’re probably wanting to know how to get lucky vouchers in the game as quick as possible.

To get lucky vouchers in Monster Hunter World, you’ll want to press Triangle once you’ve logged into the game. You can do this each day that you sign into Monster Hunter World, so don’t forget otherwise you’re missing out on free canteen meals!

The other way you can get lucky vouchers in the game is as a reward for doing arena quests. These will pit you against a random monster and challenge you to beat it as fast as you can. Once you’ve set your own time, you can challenge your friends to try and outdo you, too.

These are the only two ways we’ve come across for getting lucky vouchers in the game so far. We’ll be sure to update this guide if we come across anymore.

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