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Monster Hunter World: How to Open the Map


Monster Hunter World: How to Open the Map

How to Open the Map in Monster Hunter World

It’s so easy to get lost in Monster Hunter World’s large, open areas with plenty to look at and even more that can kill you in one stroke if you’re not careful. Luckily there are a number of options to keep you in the game, and that includes the in-game map and radar systems. While the radar can tell you everything nearby in a pinch during combat, the more detailed game map will play an important role in tracking larger targets as they move between areas.

There are multiple maps that explorers will discover during their playthrough of Monster Hunter World, and each one can be accessed by pressing either the View button of the Xbox One or the touch pad of the PS4. When pressed, your character will bring up a cloth map of the current area, with sections designated by numbers and icons representing the current target and any important resources to be discovered. As in previous Monster Hunter games, when a main target battle as been initiated it can be tracked through the map, so be sure to bring it out as often as possible to make life easier for you.

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