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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Money (Zenny) Fast


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Money (Zenny) Fast

How to Get Money (Zenny) Fast in Monster Hunter World

As you explore the luscious plains and jungles of Monster Hunter World, you’re inevitably going to come across some fearsome creatures. Therefore, to be in the best shape to tackle those creatures, you’re going to need to have improved your weapons and armor and be at full strength when it comes to health. To perform any upgrades, you will need money, and in Monster Hunter World it comes in the form of Zenny.

You get Zenny for completing each quest in Monster Hunter World, so you’ll begin to amass a good amount by simply playing through the game, but there are some additional ways to get money quickly. You can sell any unwanted or underpowered equipment for cash that can be used on better or more useful gear, or you can double the reward you get for completing quests by using vouchers.

When you’re in Astera, you can press Y/triangle to claim your daily bonus, which are often vouchers, or you can get them as rewards for completing arena challenges, too. You can then confirm whether or not you want to use them when you accept a quest in Monster Hunter World. You should also check the investigations that you can do because they often reward you with a huge amount of Zenny for a short period of time.

That is all you need to know about getting money (Zenny) fast in Monster Hunter World. For more on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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