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Monster Hunter World: How to Start Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Quests & Get Rewards


Monster Hunter World: How to Start Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Quests & Get Rewards

How to Start Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Quests and Get Their Rewards in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World finally arrives on Xbox One and PS4 tomorrow. While the base game will have players on both systems exploring lush environments teeming with beasts, PS4 owners will get access to some special Horizon Zero Dawn DLC quests. There are two set to hit the PS4 version of Monster Hunter World, and one of them is available from day one.

To start the first of Horizon Zero Dawn’s DLC quests in Monster Hunter World, you’ll first need to clear the opening tutorial section of the game. This lasts up until you’ve completed your first quest. Once this is done, you should see the option to press Triangle to access your daily log-in bonus. In doing so, Monster Hunter World will notify you, not only of the vouchers and other goodies you might have nabbed, but of a quest called ‘Lessons of the Wild’ which is now available. Before you go sprinting off to a quest board, it’s worth keeping in mind that you won’t be able to do this immediately. You’ll need to reach a hunter rank of at least level five before you’re able to take on the quest.

Make your way to your handler or any quest board and select Events. Choose the quest and head off to take down some Wingdrakes. Upon completing this quest in Monster Hunter World, you’ll be given some Palico armor that draws inspiration from Horizon Zero Dawn’s Watchers. Now, make your way to your room and interact with the chest. You can change your Palico’s equipment and get them suited up in their Horizon Zero Dawn getup right away.

If you want these fresh threads for your Palico, you’ll need to act fairly quickly. This is a timed Event quest, and as such, is only available until Feb. 8 for players to complete.

The other Horizon Zero Dawn crossover DLC quest in Monster Hunter World, will end on Feb. 28 and requires you to be a Hunter Rank of at least 11 to partake. Players will need to face a giant Anjanath, and if they complete it, they’ll be given the gear to transform their hunter’s appearance to resemble that of Horizon’s protagonist, Aloy.

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