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Monster Hunter World: How to Change Equipment


Monster Hunter World: How to Change Equipment

How to Change Equipment in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World has finally arrived, bringing with it a new open world and bigger focus on narrative. Players will embark on a number of quests to fell and/ or slay fearsome creatures, using one of 14 different weapon types and a variety of tools to do so. Of course, just because your character is kitted out a certain way at the start of your adventure, doesn’t mean they need to remain this way for the entirety of your adventures. You’re going to want to change equipment in order to stand the best chance of emerging victorious over your foul opponents in Monster Hunter World.

To change equipment in Monster Hunter World, you’ll need to head to your tent at Camp. In here, you’ll be able to change your equipment and Palico’s equipment too through the Change Equipment option. You can also do this in your room in Astera by approaching the item box by your bed. Simple as that!

You’ll want to make sure to change equipment depending on the monster you’re about to face. Some weapons will be stronger against some creatures over others, so change your equipment and make the battle a little bit easier on yourself. If you’re really struggling against a particular monster, you might want to take a trip to the Forge in Astera so you can craft or purchase new weapons and gear.

That does it for how to change your equipment for yourself and Palico in Monster Hunter World. For more guides, FAQs and tips & tricks, be sure to check out our wiki.

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