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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Beat an Enemy


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Beat an Enemy

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Beat an Enemy

Players who jump headfirst into Dissidia Final Fantasy NT may be shocked to realize that it’s a bit different from your typical fighting game. Right from the get-go you’re greeted with several different meters, tons of characters, and enough rules that seem downright confusing. Enough so that you may actually be wondering, how do you even beat an enemy? Thankfully, we’re here to help.

For all the air Dissidia Final Fantasy NT puts on, it still operates under the very basic rules of knock your opponent out by depleting their HP. It’s just that Dissidia goes about this in a fairly unique way. Attacks are divided into one of two categories, HP attacks and Bravery attacks. Bravery attacks affect a character’s bravery stat, represented by a number over their health bar. The basics of it is that attacking an enemy raises your bravery while lowering theirs, but we do have a more in-depth guide on Bravery if you need some info on that.

The amount of damage you do with your HP attack is determined by how much Bravery you have in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Generally speaking, your strategy is always to raise your Bravery as high as possible before landing an HP attack. Usually, HP attacks are harder to land so it will require some coordination and planning on your part. If done well, you can even beat an enemy in one single HP attack.

Defeating an enemy isn’t the end of the action in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Each team will have a set number of lives, and you’ll need to beat them however many times it takes to deplete that. Be aware of the rules of any fight you’re going into, and keep an eye on your own team’s health and Bravery so you can help someone if need be.

So long as you keep that all in mind, you should be good to go. Now you’re set to beat your enemies.

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