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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Repair the Odyssey Airship


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Repair the Odyssey Airship

Power Moon collection time.

How to Repair the Odyssey Airship in Super Mario Odyssey

After finishing up your business in the Cap Kingdom, you’ll be sent to the Cascade Kingdom, which is where you can find the Odyssey airship that takes you around the world in Super Mario Odyssey. However, before you can start piloting it around the planet, you’ll need to repair it and power it up.

As soon as you reach the Cascade Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll need to use Cappy to control the large Chomper to destroy the nearby rocks to find your first Power Moon. In the next area, Cappy will ask you to interact with the globe, and you’ll see that you need at least four more Power Moons to repair the Odyssey airship.

You can get a Multi-Moon item (which is basically three Power Moons) by going to the top of the area to fight the next Broodal boss. After that, there are a few other Power Moons scattered all about Cascade Kingdom. One of the easiest ones to obtain is in the area with the Chompers, next to the T-Rex. Take control of one of the Chompers to destroy the nearby rocks to reveal an easy Power Moon for you to pick up.

Head back to the globe with Cappy, and you’ll be able to repair the  Odyssey airship.

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