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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Jump on Your Hat


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Jump on Your Hat

How to Jump on Your Hat in Super Mario Odyssey

Fans have been anxiously waiting for a brand new 3D Mario game, and that’s finally here with Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. Odyssey shakes things up for the series, giving Mario some huge open areas to explore while also giving you access to quite a few new abilities. One of those abilities comes with Mario’s new friend Cappy, the sentient hat accompanying him. One of the new traversal options for getting around in Super Mario Odssey allows Mario to throw his hat and let it levitate in the air, essentially giving him a platform to jump onto.

Luckily using Cappy is incredibly easy to do in Super Mario Odyssey. Just hit Y or X to throw Cappy, but then hold the button down to make him levitate in place. After that, just jump on the hat (B or A) and you’ll get a boost up with another jump. You’ll want to use this ability to bridge long gaps, like between buildings in New Donk City, or give yourself a slight boost up to reach a ledge. Make sure to just experiment with jumping on Cappy, to get a feel for the move and see where it might let you explore.

That’s all you need to know to jump on your hat in Super Mario Odyssey. Make sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki for more on Super Mario Odyssey.

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