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8 Games Like Clash of Clans If You’re Looking for Something Similar


8 Games Like Clash of Clans If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Some of those clones are actually pretty good

Boom Beach

Games Like Clash of Clans If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Boom Beach is probably one the most popular alternatives to Clash of Clans and it might have something to do with the fact that it shares the same creator. Boom Beach is yet another mobile game from Supercell that takes the Clash of Clans foundation and wraps it in a more tropical package.

Visually speaking, this makes the game a fun change of pace from Clash of Clans’ medieval approach. But gamers who are big fans of Boom Beach often praise a few slight tweaks that make the gameplay feel a bit more enjoyable overall. Unlike Clash of Clans, Boom Beach has no walls and it has much shorter wait times to complete certain builds. If you thoroughly enjoy Clash of Clans but feel like there are subtle areas that need improving, Boom Beach is probably the alternative you’ve been hoping for.

Call of Duty: Heroes

Games Like Clash of Clans If You’re Looking for Something Similar

The Call of Duty franchise has successfully made its way to the mobile game market with a Clash of Clans-esque title that is dressed up to attract Call of Duty fans. This mobile game by Activision and Faceroll Games offers a gameplay experience that is extremely similar to Clash of Clans, but also tosses in features that anyone coming from the first-person shooter series could appreciate.

Call of Duty: Heroes offers three different game modes—campaign, PvP and survival—but still utilizes the real-time strategy format for all these modes. Another nice touch comes in the form of kill streaks, which most Call of Duty fans will greatly appreciate. Essentially, Call of Duty: Heroes is a great mobile game for anyone who wants a real-time strategy game on the go that feels just a bit more intense and realistic than Clash of Clans.

Star Wars: Commander

Games Like Clash of Clans If You’re Looking for Something Similar

When this Star Wars-themed version of Clash of Clans was released back in 2014 it took over app stores and garnered a huge player base. Since then, the fanfare has obviously died down some, but in the aftermath of all the hype remains a solid mobile game. To no surprise, this mobile game had the budget behind it to improve visuals and audio compared to other Clash of Clans-esque games.

Even the animations received far more care and attention than what you’ll see in Clash of Clans itself. Its biggest advantage, however, is a single-player campaign that is actually rather robust. If you don’t like being forced to deal with other players and would rather focus on a single-player campaign, Star Wars: Commander will keep you happy even if you aren’t a fan of the iconic franchise.

Castle Clash

Games Like Clash of Clans If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Castle Clash is a fast-paced mobile game that asks you to create a team of powerful heroes who will lead your army of mythical creatures and pets into battle. Just like other similar mobile games, Castle Clash will require you to upgrade and improve your fortress and troops if you’re interested in becoming a true conqueror. It can feel a bit unbalanced at times but other than that it feels very similar to Clash of Clans in almost every way possible.

From its overall look to the gameplay mechanics, anyone who likes Clash of Clans will certainly be intrigued by Castle Clash at the very least. Whether or not you prefer the quicker pace and hero mechanics that feel more involved than Clash of Clans will really come down to personal preference. Either way, both Castle Clash and Clash of Clans are great at doing what they do.

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures

Games Like Clash of Clans If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Visually speaking, Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures really stands out when compared to many of the other games on this list. This game has an apologetically adorable approach to the Clash of Clans formula by featuring a world that is dangerously cute. All the fast-paced action is still packed in the game but it’s just wrapped in a package that you want to snuggle at night.

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures has a huge fanbase that was introduced to the game on Facebook first. During that time, more than 2 million players gave the game a good old fashioned thumbs up and that popularity has carried over to the Google Play Store and App Store. Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is definitely worth checking out if you like Clash of Clans, but would like to trade in muscular Hulk Hogan-esque men for little Starlings instead.


Games Like Clash of Clans If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Siegefall may not appear to offer a lot at first glance but the challenges on the map help to showcase just how much depth the game really has. Siegefall is essentially built in a way that makes it palatable not only to newcomers but to those who really aren’t interested in being forced to be very hands-on with the game. At the same time, the challenges showcase how a player who is looking for more depth can take advantage of several features and mechanics in the game. You’ll learn the benefits of deploying all units at one time, understand how to strategically queue up commands before the battle starts, and even get an in-depth review of how you should be utilizing certain hero skills against specific enemies.

Character animations also tend to shine here as Siegefall is another alternative that visually has a leg up on the competition. So with great visuals and some great advanced gameplay options to dig into, Siegefall has a lot to offer as an alternative as long as you’re feeling patient enough to take the time to really learn its ins and outs.

Clash of Lords 2: New Age

Games Like Clash of Clans If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Clash of Lords 2: New Age makes great use of vivid colors, epic heroes and a variety of game modes that has allowed the mobile game to keep a solid player base. This is another game that makes great use of heroes during gameplay and probably focuses on this element far more than some of its competitors.

Clash of Lords 2: New Age offers a ton of free heroes very frequently so don’t be surprised if you find yourself switching between favorites a lot. While this game keeps the same formula in terms of forcing players to pay a premium for rare heroes, the difference is that the normal and good heroes still vary so much in design and statistics that you don’t really feel cheated if you don’t get your hands on a rare variant.

Vikings: War of Clans

Games Like Clash of Clans If You’re Looking for Something Similar

There are plenty of mobile gamers who appreciate Clash of Clans for its simplicity, but for those who would like something a bit more complex, Vikings: War of Clans is a great alternative. The gameplay at its very core is very similar to Clash of Clans, but the game introduces a few features that really help its strategic gameplay stand above and beyond the competition.

The most obvious differentiator between Vikings: War of Clans and other similar games is its visual appeal. There is far more attention to detail here than in similar titles and there is a clear effort to make the world feel alive as townspeople can be seen going about their day. While combat is almost exactly the same as Clash of Clans, it does give players more options when it comes to how to approach the battle. Vikings: War of Clans will give you the option to give commands during the battle. Like other Clash of Clans competitors, Vikings also makes great use of a variety of different heroes you can also deploy during battle.

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