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Destiny 2: How to Start the Iron Banner


Destiny 2: How to Start the Iron Banner

How to Start the Iron Banner in Destiny 2

The Iron Banner, a tournament when the young wolves of the Destiny universe prove their might within the Crucible, has returned in Destiny 2. Players will face off against one another as they bring their best game to the battlefield. In return, they can earn some powerful rewards and some truly noble gear that resembles proper suits of armor (who doesn’t want that?). Of course, before you can earn anything you’ll need to start the activity.

The first thing you’ll need to do is beat the main campaign in Destiny 2 with the character you want to use in Iron Banner. This will grant you access to the Tower. Now that you can travel there, go and speak to Lord Saladin (he’s found just above where Shaxx is, to the right of where you spawn in. He’ll grant you access to the tournament. Now just select the Iron Banner playlist from the Crucible menu in the Director and you’re good to go.

Don’t worry about your Power Level or anything of that nature. Destiny 2’s Iron Banner gives no level advantages and only requires skill to earn reputation. You’ll earn some win or lose (though more if you win). Also make sure to keep an eye on the challenges for the day (found by pulling up your ghost while in a match). As long as you work well with your team, you should be fine and see the rewards rolling in.

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