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Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to Beat the Giant Snake


Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to Beat the Giant Snake

How to Beat the Giant Snake in Assassin’s Creed Origins

While pursuing the Lizard in Assassin’s Creed Origins, you’ll come across a plot to poison Memphis, including the High Priest and his family. In order to try and track down the Lizard, you have to help the High Priest’s family first, which requires seeing his wife as she performs a ritual. The ritual places Bayek in a dream state where he must face a powerful monster in order to save himself and the priest’s wife. The boss here is a giant snake, capable of destroying stone pillars and spewing large pools of poison.

You’re given a bow of light to fight with, which has unlimited ammo (you’re going to need it). The fight against the giant snake in Assassin’s Creed Origins has two phases. One on a boat, and one on the ground. Both are very similar, but you do have different threats to contend with.

The first phase of this boss fight in Assassin’s Creed Origins sees Bayek on a boat slowly sailing through a dark, stone temple. The giant snake will swim around and rise up to certain vantage points to spit large amounts of poison at Bayek. You’ll notice white spots on the edge of your screen, that lets you know in which direction you can find the giant snake. Simply look in that direction and get off a shot with your bow, before dodging the spit. You can also continue to shoot it as it goes into the water.

If you ever hear a sound similar to a roar, don’t go for the attack, instead just dodge to the side. The giant snake will come crashing through stone and lunge across the boat, dealing massive damage. After it’s attacked, you can take some more shots at its body as it moves. Get the giant snake down to about halfway and you’ll move towards the next phase.

Now this phase has the same attacks from the giant snake. The only difference is that it will start destroying the floor you’re standing on, making your life in Assassin’s Creed Origins a bit more difficult. You’ll still use the same strategy as before, only make sure to move to the larger chunks of land when needed, so you actually have dodging room. Other than that, just keep peppering the snake with arrows until it’s dead.

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