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Junkrat and Roadhog Star in the Latest Overwatch Digital Comic


Junkrat and Roadhog Star in the Latest Overwatch Digital Comic

King of the road.

There’s a new Overwatch comic out, and this time it revolves around Roadhog and Junkrat. The Wasted Land issue, scripted by Robert Brooks, is a tale of two familiar characters doing what they do best down in Australia’s Junkertown. Taking place after the Omnic Crisis, Roadhog is left to wander Junkertown as part of the apocalyptic wasteland around him.

The official synopsis goes something like this:

“The Omnic Crisis brought ruin to the Australian Outback. Roadhog knows this better than most. He’s seen it descend into an apocalyptic wasteland. Everything he once knew has been broken down, irradiated, or scrapped. Now all that’s left is Junkertown, the place that hermits, scavengers, brutes, and killers call home. Roadhog hasn’t put it out of its misery. Not yet. But he’s been tempted…”

It’s a colorful look at two characters that don’t often get a lot of attention in the bigger scheme of things in the Overwatch world. If you’re interested in adding a little more lore to your Overwatch mental library, the latest comic is definitely worth taking a look at, especially if you main either character.


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