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Destiny 2: What the Glimmer Cap Is


Destiny 2: What the Glimmer Cap Is

What’s the Glimmer Cap in Destiny 2

For some odd reason, you could only carry 25K Glimmer in Destiny, even though you had a space ship that teleports things, and you can have hundreds of guns and pieces of armor in a vault. Don’t worry, though, Destiny 2 has seen that you always pay your bills and has increased the amount of credit you can hold.

Players can now carry 100K Glimmer in Destiny 2, four times as much as they could in the first game. We’re still not sure why it’s not just unlimited, especially since you get the currency rather easily in Destiny 2, but hey, we’ll take the small victories as they come. You can use it to purchase weapons and armor from the various vendors in the game, though they’re usually just Rare and Common. Still, while they might not be purple and yellow, they’re often of high power, which is a good way to boost yourself during a grind. You’ll also need a bit of Glimmer to infuse (the amount depends on how big the jump is).

Other than that, Glimmer will mostly just burn a hole in your space wallet But at least you’ll have a whole lot more this time around.

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